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“Good Vision unveils Life’s Possibilities”

For many of Chicago’s under-served and at-risk populations, including those who are criminal justice-involved, and domestic abuse survivors, basic eye care needs often go unmet. This lack of access to eye care can translate into a life where an ex-offender is more susceptible to re-incarceration because he/she is unable to fill out a job application or see bus signs to get to an interview on time. Not being able to find meaningful employment outside of prison can lead to a greater risk of recidivism.

The Mission for Vision for Chicago is to provide access to quality eye care which will include vision screenings, exams, and glasses as needed for the recently released or paroled populations in the South and West neighborhoods of Chicago.

Vision for Chicago will target populations that include individuals and families without vision care coverage for glasses, including but not limited to, formerly incarcerated and residents of domestic abuse and homeless shelters. In some cases, these populations may already be participating in job readiness programs. 

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